Planning system reforms to future-proof Canberra

Planning system reforms to future-proof Canberra  Main Image

Our city is growing. With almost 500,000 people expected to call Canberra home by 2027, a new planning system will make sure that Canberrans have access to the housing, shops, services, transport options, green spaces and recreational facilities they need.

Planning systems are traditionally made up of the rules and regulations about what can be built where and how land can be used.

We want to simplify the ACT’s system and reform it based on best practice from around the world. So, we’ve drafted a whole new approach, which includes:

  1. A new Planning and Development Act this draft legislation (the Planning Bill 2022 is set to be debated in the Legislative Assembly in March 2023) sets the legal framework for the new Territory Plan and District Strategies, establishes streamlined processes and requires adherence to ‘good planning principles’. It also has updated transparency, accountability and community engagement features.
  2. A new Territory Plan this is the document that sets out what can be built where through zones, leaseholds and other planning and land use mechanisms. The new Territory Plan allows for greater flexibility so developments and land use changes can be assessed based on how they contribute to our community, environmental, heritage and other aspirations. 
  1. A series of nine District Strategies these are the plans that capture the special character of each district and outline how growth and change will be managed, while protecting the things we value, at a local level. They look at things like how we can increase housing (including affordable and social housing) and improve travel options, shopping centres, employment opportunities and green spaces.

We know, for example, the employment and education needs in Tuggeranong differ from those in Inner North or South, just like the environmental and cultural assets we want to protect are different from those in Belconnen or Gungahlin.

Planning decisions impact our everyday lives—where we live, shop, work or go to school. How we travel. Where we play sport or enjoy the natural assets of our bush capital. What adaptions we have in place as our climate changes.

Because planning affects every Canberran, we need your help in making sure the new planning system factors in your priorities. We want to hear from you about where you think environmental, transport, shopping, services, employment, housing and recreation changes would improve our city.

We can then use your feedback to help shape how property, both public and private, can be developed and land used in the short, medium and long term future.

You can find out more about the new planning system and share your ideas with us here

Alternatively, you can pop along to of the many information and feedback sessions happening around Tuggeranong and in all corners of the ACT.

  • Monday 13 February - 10am-2pm – Erindale Shopping Centre
  • Tuesday 14 February – 10am-2pm – Lanyon Marketplace
  • Wednesday 15 February – 10am-2pm – Wanniassa Shops
  • Monday 20 February – 6pm-7pm – online Q&A

Some of the documents are quite detailed, but below are the page numbers where you can find some of the key information in the Tuggeranong District Strategy. 

Tuggeranong District Strategy

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